Green Drying Trays
green drying trays

Model: 400BVT
Exclusive Vented Design
1 box = 5 trays

White Drying Trays
white drying trays

Model: 425BVT
Exclusive Vented Design
1 box = 5 trays

Pallet of Drying Trays
pallet of drying trays

Color: Green or White
Model: 400BVT or 425BVT
1 pallet = 60 trays


Easy to Handle - Ergonomic
Food Grade for Candies
Light Weight - Great Stability
Saves Space - Stackable
Non Stick Easy to Clean
Extra Strong and Durable
Heavy-Duty Construction
Wide Temperature Tolerance
Vented for Max Air Flow
Mobile system with Dolly

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Do you make gummies?
Use our drying trays as a gummies tray! Our plastic drying trays are perfect for curing gummies!

Buy our Durable Tray Dolly

Don't carry your Candy and Confectionery trays, roll them!! Our Candy Tray Dolly doubles as another tray while giving you the added freedom of mobility and easy transport.

Please note: Some assembly is required.

Green Tray Dolly
green tray dolly

Model: 200ED
1 Dolly

Green Tray Dolly - 4 Pack
green tray dolly 4 pack

Model: 200ED4
4 Dollies

White Tray Dolly
white tray dolly

Model: 225ED
1 Dolly

White Tray Dolly - 4 Pack
white tray dolly 4 pack

Model: 225ED4
4 Dollies

See how incredibly strong our vented trays are. Click Here or Here

Features of our ultimate Willow Way Drying Trays

  • Constructed with Food Grade polyethylene for your candy and confectionery needs.
  • Excellent release characteristics so your candies and confections won't stick.  Easy to clean.
  • Labor saving, even drying without the need to turn your candies or confections.
  • Space Saving - our curing racks can be stacked over 8 feet (2.5m) high without a rack system.
  • Very Tough & Durable! Withstands constant rough handling.
  • Long life Heavy duty construction.
  • Fantastic temperature range. -40°F (-40°C) to 230°F (110°C).
  • Maximum air flow with our exclusive slot vent design.  (Reduce drying times by up to 25% or more!)
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling and reach capability.
  • Available in Green or White.

Candy Tray Specifications

specificationsA – Overall Length – 30.5″ – – – 775 mm
B – Overall Width – 16.25″ – – – 413 mm
C – Overall Height – 4.875″ – – – 124 mm
D – Inside Length – 29.25 – – – 743 mm
E – Inside Width – 15.125″ – – – 384 mm
F – Side wall Height – 2.875″ – – – 73 mm
Max. Drying Height – 4.30″ – – – 109 mm
Weight: 106 ounces (3000 grams)
Color: Choice of Green or White

Drying Tray Colorant-Teknor Color FDA Compliance

Drying Tray FDA Compliance

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Chocolate-covered nuts
Gum drops
Hard candy
Chocolate-covered creams
Gumpaste Sugar Flowers
Jelly candies
CBD Gummies


Food Processing
Avant-garde Candies
Sugar Flowers
Candy Boutiques
Gift shops
Gourmet grocers
Ice cream parlors
Party Events

Product Ideas

Sweets or Lollies
Premium Chocolates
Seasonal Candies
Candy Crafts
Chewing Gums
Gummy or Jellies
Pectin based products
Candied Fruit
Gelatin Candies
Hard Candies
Soft Candies
Salt Water Taffy